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    DGT960 Digital Chess Clock (CL2021)

    The DGT960. Just 6 inches wide. A hugely innovative addition to chess timing! Move timer, game timer, delay timer and Fischer timer. The first digital chess clock that randomly generates 960 starting positions of the so called Fischer random Chess. Fischer Random Chess or ...

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    DGT 2010 Digital Chess Clock (CL2008)

    The DGT2010, as successor to the DGT2000, offers proven top-quality and is the prime chess clock/timer used in official chess tournaments all over the world. The new look is much improved and the model remains approved by the FIDE organisation and has been the most ...

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    DGT3000 Clock for DGT eBoards (CL2022)

    The DGT3000 connects to all DGT electronic chess boards and has many new and improved features:
    -Seconds are shown from the start. -Larger display with more information. -Twenty five pre-set timing systems. -Five slots for customized settings. -Five year warranty! The ...

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