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    Cute Staunton in Sheesham Chess Set (E2002)

    Standard weighted chess set in the traditional staunton style. A great set with generous proportions and made from Golden Rosewood, also known as Sheesham wood. This set comes in King sizes 3 inch and 3.5 inches.

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    Compact Magnetic Travel Chess Set (E2008)

    Beautifully finished set - 7 inch with integral compartment to hold its exquisite pieces. The board with the chess set is high gloss with well crafted pieces that have a good quality magnetism. Becaue it is a solid wood product, not veneer - the chess set easily withstands ...

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    Philippino Black Staunton Chess Set (E2001)

    An excellent value economy set for Staunton lovers in high quality Ebonised wood. The height of the King is a generous 3 inches (approximately 7.5 cm). With a base diameter of 1.5 inches (just over 3cm), they fit a chess board individual square size of 1.75 inches (4.5 cm). ...

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    Concave Staunton Ebonised Chess Set (E2004)

    Such an attractive set! The rook as shown in the chess set here is very attractive in design. The King is 3.5 inch high and the pieces are made from sheesham and chidar, woods prized for their golden color and adaptability. The bishop has symmetrical lilting curves in two ...

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    10 inch Chess Set for the Blind – Magnetic (E2043)

    GREATLY REDUCED! Chess set for blind chess players and usable in chess tournaments for the blind. The darker squares are raised slightly, the pieces are all magnetic to hold them in place, and the dark pieces have the required spike to designate their colour. All made in a ...

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    Polish Staunton in Sheesham Wood Chess Pieces (E2012)

    Lovely Polish pieces crafted in sheesham wood. Solid robust design with attractive sleek features in the knight and retro effect in bishop, giving this chess set a refreshing and unique feel. The Knight has a sleek neck with cute little ears and cartoon mouth. The pawns have ...

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    Weighted Russian Special with 4.25 inch King Chess Set (E2013)

    Starting with Her Majesty this chess set shows interesting design in the skirting of the Queen. Note how the curved lines with mid bottom curvature flatter the Queens figure. The King has similar, but more masculine lines with his crowning glory reaching 4.25 inches high. ...

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    Weighted Russian Classic 3 inch King Chess Pieces (E2015)

    Made in Sheesham wood and Chidar this chess set is a striking Russian design immediately seen in the well designed knight and it's glorious curved mane. The pawns for the chess set are chunky, and the bishop resembles a potteries clay chimney. The board size for the chess ...

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    Magnificent Philippino Staunton Sheesham (E2018)

    With a chunky, ready-for-business knight this chess set has a robust yet sleek feel evident in the King and Queen detail and design. The pieces of the set compliment each other perfectly. The king is tall at 4.5 inch and the Queen has an attractive design. The rook brings ...

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    Chunky Staunton – Double Weighted Chess Pieces (E2007)

    A superb chunky set of chess pieces. Love me love my double weighted Knight! This set is just right for a friendly game of chess.
    This set is made from Sheesham and Chidar wood. Sheeham, when well carved like this set is, provides interesting highlights in the dark wood ...

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    Large Rosewood Magnetic 14 inch Chess Set (M2095)

    Magnificent combination Large Chess Set with pieces along with board. Magnetic to stay in place, even with an upside down board. The pieces of the chess set are well made with good detail in the design. The chess set measures 7 inches by 14 inches and has very high quality ...

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    King Cross Staunton in Bone Chess Set (X2009)

    This is a highly desirable luxury chess set. The detail in carving of the camel bone is nothing short of remarkable. The material is difficult to work with and the craftsmen have done a good job of creating something beautiful with the bone. Expect natural blemishes on the ...

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    Limited Edition – The Ezekiel Chess Pieces in Ebony (X2071)

    NEW and Limited Edition! In Grade One ebony, the Ezekiel set of chess pieces is a wonderful and beautiful example of the very best in chess design. As is often the case, our eyes are drawn to the knight with it's extravagant mane and facial detail. This model is available ...

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    The Montreal Chess Set in Ebony (X2076)

    NEW! If you prefer a dramatic expression of Staunton but want to stay within the general corral, here's a superb design that has almost every piece straining at the staunton guidelines, yet not trespassing beyond. The knight looks like it's caught in a very windy ...

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    The Triple Weight Sheffield in Red and Black (X2081)

    Note: The photos make this product look a little pinky. But it's solid red. It's a new staunton chess design in contrasting red and black solid wood! The Sheffield chess set is made, like all our products, to last a generation and longer. The introspective knight can get ...

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    Limited Edition – The Museum Piazza 6 inch Bone Chess Pieces (X2072)

    NEW and Limited Edition! A superb bone design created with love, dedication and with incredible artistry. The pieces are heavy with the intrinsic weight of the top grade material used. The design is imposing and majestic with a strongly contemporary feel. The board should ...

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    Limited Edition – The Ezekiel Chess Pieces in Bud Rosewood (X3071)

    NEW and Limited Edition! In he finest Bud Rosewood, the Ezekiel set of chess pieces is a wonderful and beautiful example of the very best in chess design. As is often the case, our eyes are drawn to the knight with it's extravagant mane and facial detail. This model is ...

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    The Milan Chess Set in Bud Rosewood (X3084)

    NEW! A dramatic and bold strike at a staunton chess design in Bud Rosewood using light and space that may be the best we've ever seen. A beautiful knight with superb detail and flair of expression. Parts of the horses mane straying over the face have a distinctly Italian ...

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    The Salvador Bud Rosewood Limited Edition Chess Set (X2093)

    We think this may be the most beautiful chess set ever made. It deserves to have Dali after its name and be in a museum. The material is controlled and the most expensive material for wooden chess designs - Bud Rosewood - the roots of the rosewood tree. The pose of the ...

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